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Drug, Alcohol and Opioid Detox Services

Residential treatment (inpatient) of drug or alcohol addiction is often more successful than outpatient care. Being in a program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week may seem daunting, but this sober environment is essential to battling drug or alcohol addiction. People who go through residential treatment have a better chance of getting to long-term recovery and staying healthy.


Medication Detox Treatment Program (MAT)

Recovery Begins with Detox let us help. The first vital step on the journey to recovery & sobriety is detox; through a carefully designed medication-assisted detox system, you can safely rid your body of the harmful toxins and poisons. We provide 24-hour care & monitoring under the supervision of trained medical professionals. We assist in detox from opioids, alcohol as well as cocaine and methamphetamine in a serene holistic environment. Additionally, while under care in our center, you’ll have access to intensive group and individual counseling & therapy, to begin examining and addressing the underlying causes of your substance use and addiction. The time to recover your dreams is today.

Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program

Healthy Nutrition Meals – Participants are provided a health-conscious diet further promote their return to health.

Discharge Planning – Our high-quality state of the art care assures a safe and comfortable detox experience with concurrent programming that prepares the patient for a seamless transition to the next level of care.

Harm Reduction – Staff is specially trained in risk reduction and support for continued healing.

Co-occurring & Dual Diagnosis Treatment – Licensed clinicians provide collaborative treatment to begin healing all impairments simultaneously.

Outpatient Detox Treatment Program (MAT)/(IOP)

We offer a safe and effective way to detox from drugs/alcohol. Detox is overseen by Dr. Derrick Smith, a physician who specializes in detoxification, addiction medicine, and pain management. Not all clients come into treatment with the same addiction. So we tailor our detox programs for each client. Many clients enter treatment with multiple addictions, so we account for each one of them. Your substance (s) of choice, the amount you’ve taken and how long, will influence the process of our detox program; this assures that your detox will be complete as necessary. All addiction services and treatment for substance abuse are client-centered.

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