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Specialty Care

Weekly podiatry, endocrinology, dermatology and cardiology clinics at AVCC prevent and manage complications of chronic diseases in patients who have lacked access to care and lived with un/under-treated chronic illnesses for long periods and patients with complex, interrelated chronic conditions. These services provide care essential to preventing and managing serious chronic disease complications for patients who cannot or will not access specialty care at LA County facilities because of extremely long waits for appointments and difficulties traveling to distant County clinics. Chronic Disease Managers coordinate referrals of patients for specialty care and communication between specialists and PCPs. Patient Navigators provide appointment reminders and coordinate transportation and translation services, as needed. AVCC also has in place arrangement with Managed Care Health Plans to provide specialty care for our patients that belong to their respective health plans.

Podiatry – To prevent loss of function and limbs in diabetic patients, AVCC employs a podiatrist 20 hrs. a week to provide foot exams, evaluation and management of diabetic sensory neuropathy, treatment of foot ulcers, and education to support foot self-checks and self-care.

Endocrinology – Our Medical Director, who is employed full-time, is also a Board Certified Endocrinologist, who provides access to expert diagnostic evaluation and evidence-based treatment for patients with complex chronic conditions. Our experienced endocrinologist works with Primary Care Physicians to plan and provide treatment for underlying endocrine problems that contribute to complications of chronic diseases, e.g. adrenal gland disorders that complicate treatment of hypertension, hormonal disorders that contribute to obesity and endocrine problems that affect glucose stability.

Cardiology – A Cardiologist is employed by AVCC provides expert evaluation and treatment of chronic disease patients who PCPs identify as having signs/symptoms of acute, potentially life-threatening/limiting cardiac conditions, including congestive heart failure, ischemic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, and atrial fibrillation. Chronic Disease Managers coordinate team communication to support integrated care, specialty care, patient/family education, and support services for these extremely vulnerable patients.

Dermatology – AVCC contracts with a Board Certified Dermatologist, who provide comprehensive care both on-site and remotely by Tele-medicine. AVCC also employees a Family Nurse Practitioner, who is trained in Dermatology and can provide care for a variety of skin problems and diagnostics tests for skin cancer as well as acne, rashes and the remove of other unwanted growths.

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